Group Fares Niesen Funicular

20 % reductions for groups of 10 or more persons. Every 10th member of the group gets a free ticket. Effective only if group payment is made by one person alone.

Sample Mülenen-Niesen Kulm return
Normalfare CHF 57.– ./. 20 % Groupdiscount CHF 45.60
With 1/2Tax/GA CHF 28.50 ./. 20 % Groupdiscount CHF 22.80
Special Events (evening only)
Flat rate up to 40 participants for return fare CHF 1'040.–
Each extra participant CHF 26.–


Important Informations

Any trips on request outside the published timetable will be subject to special tariffs.

Prices are valid from 21st April to 11th November 2018.
All prices are per Person and include VAT.
Prices subject to change.

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