Family offer on the Niesen

The Niesen is an attractive excursion destination for families. Here is an overview of the various options on the pyramid on Lake Thun.

Spectacular ride on the historic funicular railway.

Enjoy the exciting ride up the Niesen with a gradient of up to 68%.
With the SBB Junior and Children’s travelcard, children travel free on the railway.

Niesen village

The panoramic playground on the Niesen summit. While the children can let their imagination run wild while playing in the Dörfli, the parents can enjoy the wonderful view.

History rides

Heidi Isler and Susanne Wäfler tell the children the exciting story of the Niesen fox, the magic millstone and the fox cubs Fay and Finn. Afterwards, the children will have a snack at the summit.

Family offer in the Berghaus Niesen Kulm

Playing in our Niesendörfli makes you very hungry. For our young guests we have a special children’s menu with fine plates and desserts.

«Niese-Dörfli» – For the family hunger
Served in a large bowl to “scoop yourself”.

  • Dohlennest      flat rate CHF 48.– (Älpler Makkronen with apple sauce)
  • Adlerhorst        flat rate CHF 56.– (Chicken wings with french fries and mixed salad)
    (quantity calculation for 2 adults and 2 children)

Barbecue area«Tristhubel»

Our barbecue area “Tristhubel” is equipped with a barbecue grill, firewood, a table with benches and waste bins.

Accessible on foot in 3 minutes above the Schwandegg middle station. Toilets and cold water are located at the middle station.

Important: Please extinguish the fire when leaving and leave the barbecue area tidy.

The story of the Niesen fox

Every evening the Niesen light starts to burn at dusk and shines all night long. The Niesen fox is responsible for this, as he switches on the Niesen light with his key. Many children around the Niesen always look up at the Niesen before going to bed to see if the fox has really lit the light.

The stories of the Niesenfuchs by the author Judith Josi are available in our kiosk (online or on site in the valley station or in the Berghaus).

The story of the magic millstone

By chance, Groppi, a lively snow hare, Ruedi, a noble chamois, and Schwandie, a clever mountain jackdaw, discover an old box under a millstone on the Niesen. Inside is a strange drawing and a treasure map with a mysterious poem. Without hesitation, the three animals set off on an adventurous treasure hunt. Will they succeed in uncovering the secret of the over 300-year-old millstones?

The story of the magic millstone by the authors Sandra Eng und Karin Widmer are available in our kiosk (online or on site in the valley station or in the Berghaus).