Red Bull X-Alps 2023

The Niesen is Turnpoint!

“The toughest competition in the world!”

That’s what the Red Bull X-Alps paragliding competition is called.

This “Hike & Fly” competition leads across the Alpine arc past various turnpoints.

The Niesen will be part of the Red Bull X-Alps 2023 race as a turnpoint. The signboard will be on the summit (exact location to be announced).

The world’s best male and female paraglider pilots will pass the Niesen and sign the signboard. The local “high-flyers” Christian “Chrigel” Maurer, Patrick von Känel and Sepp Inniger will also be there. The race will start in June 2023.

1 Valley, 2 Turnpoints, 3 Pilots

1 Valley = Kandertal

The Kandertal is the home of the top 3 pilots from the Kandertal. With its versatile take-off and landing sites

2 Turnpoints = Niesen and Frutigresort

Two turnpoints are represented at the Red Bull X-Alps 2023 with the Niesen and the Frutigresort in the valley. The route is still open and will be announced on 15 March 2023.

To the turnpoint Frutigresort (click here)

3 Pilots = Christian «Chrigel» Maurer, Patrick von Känel and Sepp Inniger

Christian “Chrigel” Maurer

He has won the Red Bull X-Alps seven out of 10 times since its launch in 2003.

More about Chrigel:

Patrick von Känel

He finished second in his second participation in the Red Bull X-Alps 2021.

More about Patrick:

Sepp Inniger

He finished eighth as a supporter with Patrick von Känel in 2019 and enters the Challenge in 2023 with mature competition experience and numerous competition podiums.

More about Sepp:

More informations about the race and the Turnpoint Niesen

The route will be announced on 15 March 2023.

More information about paragliding around the Niesen