Starting point Niesen


Niesen – ideal starting point on the striking pre-Alpine pyramid.

The Niesen is the turnpoint of the Red Bull X-Alps 2023:

The Niesen stands like a sentinel at the entrance to the Bernese Oberland; between the Simmen and Kander valleys, prominently not far from Lake Thun. In good weather, the Niesen is a popular flying mountain with various possibilities.

For info on paraglider transport, flying, landing sites, etc. visit the website of the paragliding club Air Base Flyers.

Arrival by train and parking

The valley station of the Niesenbahn is easily accessible by train. Mülenen station (stop on request) on the Lötschberger line Bern-Kandersteg-Brig (fourth stop from Bern) is only two minutes away.

Important notes

Only a limited number of paragliders can be transported per trip. In the case of material transports by funicular, often less than 10. This requires understanding and patience. We also try to get the paraglider pilots up the mountain as quickly as possible!

The pilots are responsible for reloading their paragliders at the Schwandegg intermediate station. Paragliders are only transported together with the pilots.