Hiking on the Niesen

Condition of the hiking trails – as of 27.4.24:
From 1,000 metres upwards, it is still deep winter on the Niesen; the hiking trails are not yet passable and have not been checked. We recommend travelling there and back (Mülenen – Niesen Kulm) by train until further notice. Further information will follow.

ATTENTION: Mountain hiking trails, marked white-red-white: Good shoes, rain protection, food and preparation for the hike are important!

Our recommendation: Hike uphill to Niesen Kulm

  • Better for the joints
  • If there are a lot of guests, waiting on Niesen Kulm is more pleasant than on the Schwandegg/middle station (no waiting room, colder and no mountain restaurant)

The Niesen (2,362 metres) offers numerous hiking trails. Experience the multifaceted beauty of nature and combine your hike with a historic train ride up the Niesen and a visit to the Berghaus Niesen Kulm.

Our tip: The hiking ticket – 3 sections by train, 1 section hiking

The hiking trails on the Niesen

Wanderkarte Niesen

Hiking trails

1Frutigen – Niesen Kulm5 h 153 h 40
2Reichenbach – Stöpfflue – Schwandegg3 h 152 h
2 5Reichenbach – Niesen Kulm5 h 303 h 10
2 6Reichenbach – Niesen Kulm6 h 153 h 30
3Mülenen – middle station Schwandegg2 h 451 h 45
3 5Mülenen – Niesen Kulm5 h3 h 10
3 6Mülenen – Niesen Kulm5 h 453 h 30
4Bad Heustrich – middle station Schwandegg2 h 451 h 50
4 5Bad Heustrich – Niesen Kulm5 h3 h 30
5middle station Schwandegg – Niesen Kulm2 h 251 h 15
6Schwandegg – Niesenalp – Niesen Kulm3 h1 h 40
7Wimmis – Ahorni – Niesen5 h 303 h 30
8Oey Diemtigen – Niesen Kulm6 h4 h
9Springeboden – Niesen Kulm5 h 304 h 50

Our top 3 hiking recommendations

  1. Schwandegg – Niesenalp – Niesen Kulm (Hiking ticket tip) – Hiking trail No. 6 – 3h
  2. Panorama hikeSpringenboden – Niesen Kulm
    Hinking Trail No. 9 – 5.30h – Hiking tip: Bookable offer with transfer (click here)
  3. Mülenen – Niesen Kulm (direct) – Hiking trail No. 3 & 5 – 5h

Important information about hiking on the Niesen

Detailed hiking map Niesen

Physical hiking map Niesen: wandern.ch

Mountain Hiking Trails = Proper Material & Surefootedness

All hiking trails on the Niesen are mountain trails (red/white markings). These require more caution. We recommend wearing hiking boots with a grippy sole and taking rain protection with you even in fine weather. The mountain trails require surefootedness and a good physical condition.

Consideration for the environment & fellow human beings

The environment and your fellow human beings will thank you if you show consideration during your hike. Please do not leave any rubbish lying around and stay on the marked hiking trails.

Hiking uphill

We recommend that you walk uphill. This is gentler on the joints and you can enjoy the view better as there is less risk of falling.

Guard dogs

Currently there are no herds in the Niesen area. However, this can change at any time. You can find out where there are guard dogs and how to behave towards them at: www.protectiondestroupeaux.ch

Tip: The hiking ticket

3 sections by train, 1 section hiking (sections freely selectable).
Our hiking recommendation with the hiking ticket:

  • Mülenen – Schwandegg (middle station) by funicular (1 section)
  • Schwandegg – Niesenalp – Niesen Kulm (hiking trail no. 6 – ca. 3h) on foot
  • Niesen Kulm – Mülenen by funicular (2 section)

– CHF 48.- adult without reduction
– CHF 24.- with reduction (GA/1/2-Abo & Kinder)

Barbecue area«Tristhubel»

Our barbecue area “Tristhubel” is equipped with a barbecue grill, firewood, a table with benches and waste bins.

Accessible on foot in 3 minutes above the Schwandegg middle station. Toilets and cold water are located at the middle station.

Important: Please extinguish the fire when leaving and leave the barbecue area tidy.