Even with limited mobility

Accessible to the Niesen

An excursion to the Niesen is also possible with a mobility impairment (e.g. wheelchair). We recommend that you go on the excursion with a companion and inform us in advance (033 676 77 11 | info@niesen.ch) so that we can make an appropriate railway reservation for you. You are in good hands with us.

Below we provide you with the relevant information on the possibilities. We look forward to your visit.

OK:GO Partnership

Thanks to this partnership, the travel needs of people with mobility impairments can be catered for even better at the Niesen.

To the accessibility information of the Niesen click here.

Claire & George Foundation Membership

The Claire & George Foundation enables accessible holidays in Switzerland. Together, we enable people with mobility impairments to enjoy an accessible trip to the Swiss Pyramid.

To the entry of the Niesenbahn AG

Niesenbahn accessible

  • For access to the valley station in Mülenen, a railway subway must be used, the clearance height of which is indicated as 2.30 m. The subway can be used for access to the valley station in Mülenen. Passage is possible up to 2.50 m wide and 3.20 m high. If a vehicle is higher, there are 2 car parking spaces at the BLS station in Mülenen. From there, the wheelchair must travel about 200 metres via the subway at the station to the valley station.
  • Ramps in the valley and middle station (transfer) as well as two lifts in the top station make the trip up the mountain easier.
  • Depending on the size, a maximum of 1 – 2 wheelchairs can be transported per journey and carriage.
  • Travel on the Niesen is only possible to a limited extent for electric wheelchairs. Maximum wheelchair weight 120 kg, maximum length 110 cm, maximum width 75 cm.
  • For accessibility information click here

Berghaus Niesen Kulm accessible

  • The Berghaus, the terrace and the pavilion are wheelchair accessible.
  • The approximately 200-metre-long way between the mountain station and the Berghaus is flat and tarred.
  • The Berghaus rooms in the Berghaus Niesen Kulm are not wheelchair accessible.
  • For accessibility information click here

Niesen Kulm (Summit) accessible

  • A rather steep but wheelchair-accessible way leads from the Berghaus to the Niesen platform.
  • The Niesen platform (Niesen Kulm – summit) is therefore possible with support/accompaniment.

Toilets accessible

  • Wheelchair-accessible toilets are available at the valley station in Mülenen and at Berghaus Niesen Kulm.

Companion card valid

The ID card for passengers with a disability (companion card) is valid on the Niesenbahn – the companion travels free of charge.

Scan QR code and download Ginto app (OK:GO): Accessibility info at a glance.